The SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter is a leisure device.

Make sure you follow and are aware of your local traffic laws, regulations or restrictions set forth by your local government and regulatory agencies.

Always wear an approved safety helmet when riding.

Others may also pose a risk to your safety by careless or inappropriate riding.   You are just as exposed to road accidents just as when you are walking or cycling on a footpath.

The faster you ride the longer your braking time.  On smooth surfaces the SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter may slip, lose balance and may result in a fall.

Always maintain a safe distance between others and obstacles.

Respect pedestrians’ right of way, try not to startle them and use caution when approaching them from behind.

Do not lend your SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter to anyone who does not know how to use it safely.  Please take the time and responsibility to ensure any other riders knows how to operate the vehicle and wears the safety gear.

Check the SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter before every use.  Should you loose parts, have low battery alerts, flat tires, excessive wear, strange sounds, malfunctions and other abnormal conditions, stop riding immediately.

The ZOOMA RMWH-12 is a personal transportation device designed for use on paths, tracks and mainly flat surfaces. Although it is a very robust design, DO NOT use it on jumps, ramps, at skateparks or submerge it in water as this will ultimately damage the product resulting in VOID of warranty.