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Who is SC Industries?

SC Industries Pty Ltd is brought to you by Matthew Magill. Matthew has lived on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia for most of his life. Matthew has owned and operated an Earth Moving business for 15 years before recently relocating to China.

Matthew’s love of all things on wheels brought him to trying out almost every personal mobility vehicle in China. Matthew believes he found the ‘one’ when he trialed the ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter. So much so, he has put his company’s name to it.

The SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter is designed to make scooting fun! They are built tough. They are rugged and reliable with long-range batteries to make travelling distances a breeze. Ideal for the Australian environment, SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooter is the perfect eco-friendly personal transportation scooter on the market.

While Matthew currently lives in China, his home is the Gold Coast. He has a Gold Coast Office and Warehouse, packed with SC Industries ZOOMA RMW-H12 Electric Scooters ready to be shipped out daily. Along with ready and keen staff available for all customer inquiries, which frees up Matthew’s time to source more fun and exciting products to offer to the Australian market.

Customers can be rest assured that they are dealing with an Australian owned and operated company with all after sales and warranty issues dealt with within Australia.  Shipping is anywhere in Australia within 24-48 hours knowing exactly the product you are receiving, unlike dealing with overseas countries where talking to the supplier can be troublesome.